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Bududa, a picturesque district in eastern Uganda, has long been plagued by recurring landslides that have had devastating effects on its citizens. These natural disasters have not only claimed lives but have also caused displacement, destruction of homes, and a constant state of fear among the residents. Bududa's susceptibility to landslides is primarily attributed to its geographical location and topography. Situated in the foothills of Mount Elgon, the district is characterized by steep slopes, heavy rainfall, and unstable soil composition, making it highly prone to landslides. Over the years, climate change and deforestation have exacerbated the situation, increasingly endangering the lives of its inhabitants. The first step towards supporting the citizens of Bududa is to prioritize their safety. Local authorities, in collaboration with national and international organizations, should focus on implementing effective early warning systems to provide timely alerts to residents. These systems should be integrated with robust evacuation plans, ensuring that vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, women, and children, are given priority during evacuations. Additionally, investment in infrastructure development, such as building sturdy roads and bridges, can facilitate swift rescue and relief operations. Another key aspect of supporting Bududa's citizens is to address the underlying causes of vulnerability, promoting sustainable agriculture practices and livelihood diversification; the community can reduce their dependence on high-risk areas for their subsistence. Organizations should assist farmers in adopting climate-smart techniques, such as terracing, agroforestry, and crop rotation, which can enhance soil stability, reduce erosion, and improve crop yields. Providing training, access to quality seeds and modern farming equipment can empower farmers to build resilient livelihoods, and also this will also help to improve food production. Furthermore, in areas where the landslide risks are extreme, it is necessary to consider long-term solutions, such as infrastructure development and planned resettlement. Constructing safe and resilient housing in less hazardous locations can mitigate the risks faced by the citizens of Bududa. Governments, aided by international support, should invest in the construction of schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential infrastructure to ensure that resettled communities have access to basic services. The citizens of Bududa have shown remarkable resilience in the face of recurrent landslides, however, their efforts to rebuild their lives and secure a safer future require substantial support from the international community, local governments, and humanitarian organizations, let’s join hands and extend a helping hand to these brave individuals, empowering them to overcome the challenges they face and build a more secure and prosperous Bududa. Shadia Nakazibwe, Program Assistant at Proven Foundation nakazibweshadia61@gmail.com https://www.monitor.co.ug/uganda/oped/commentary/extend-support-to-bududa-s-resilient-locals-4317504

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