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During our visit to Arua district where we reached out to different zones like the Kenya zone, Zambia zone, Congo zone and Sudan zone, we also visited a 20 year old widow by names of Gloria a resident of Sudan zone who is living positive and handedly taking care of her children. She is an adolescent child mother (breast feeding) that lost her husband to HIV/AIDS due to stigma. She narrates that her husband couldn’t go to the health center to get medicine because he was afraid to be known by the community that he is HIV positive and he instead resorted to herbal medicine that led to the loss of his life. According to the community based social worker, Madam Atayi Christine, Gloria hawks silver fish to earn a living with her children and the business cannot sustain her with all the three children which make feeding a problem to the family. Gloria is in a bad situation yet she’s sick and on medication and at the same time she hustles to get what to eat with her children.

In response to that, Proven Foundation together with its well-wishers worked with the community based social worker and the village LC1 and reached out this family with Food stuffs, soap and clothes 

The ultimate goal will be improved welfare of Orphans, Vulnerable children, Widows and the Elderly and also hope will be given to the community.

The community appreciated Proven Foundation and noted that the outreach has been very effective to them in that it has improved on their welfare and hence improving on their livelihoods.

I therefore call upon Government to work with Health sector and increase knowledge of HIV status to Kenya zone in Arua district through HIV testing and counseling and also raise the awareness of the it to curb the spread of the epidemic  

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